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 Rare Training Opportunity.

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Thank you to everyone who attended this training session. We are in the process of setting up additional training events around the USA. Future events will be posted when final plans are confirmed. Our Next event will be in Ohio watch for detailed information coming soon.


Posted is our last training to give you an idea of the classes though schedule and speakers will vary.




Hi everyone, we are excited to share with you a rare training opportunity.

We have teamed up with Greenivative and Great Living Survival to offer you a unique training event called “A Time with Experts” which will be taking place March 12 – 15 in beautiful southern Georgia.



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Not only will you get 2 1/2 days worth of valuable training but you will get to hangout with us around the campfire each night and talk about topics that concern you and your family.

Experts from Trading Post In the Woods, Greenivative, and Great Living Survival, will be conducting hands-on classes to help you learn the skills you need for whatever man or nature throws your way.


To book your reservations for a sportsman cabin (only 6 available – will sell out quickly), RV camping or tent camping make reservation online through their site at the following link:

To book a reservation into one of the many bunk houses they have you must call the park directly at 912-287-4900

To see pictures of the State park, facilities and the variety of lodging options visit this link and click on the Link for Laura S Walker State Park. The training classes will be held in Group Shelter #3


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Our goal is to help those who want to be prepared. We are all donating our time to help you learn as much as we are able in 2 ½ days so you can return home with more skills, knowledge, and abilities to help yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community if a disaster happens.

If you want to attend please contact us and then book your lodging reservation – space is limited. If we fill up we will start a waiting list in the event someone has to cancel.

God bless, Eve


A Time With Experts – Schedule of Events




4pm-6pm check in

Sunday night dinner and campfire – Dinner is on us. This is a time for you to relax and get to know each other.




8:00am – Private training for anyone who has purchased the Survivalist’s Natural Remedies Kit (How to make a field remedy)

8:30am – 10:30amNatural alternatives– we will cover homeopathy, herbs, essentials oils, and some other holistic options during disasters when you need or choose to be your own doctor. During this class we will also look at epidemics that may affect you after a disaster and what your option will be.. There will be hands on activities in this training class.

10:45 – 11:45am – Emergency: Are You Ready?

This class discusses the many facets of being ready for an emergency.  Describes what is a crisis.

What basic survival items/skills should I have?

It will provide you with a holistic approach to dealing with the changes that occur, dealing with fear, and how to be ready before an emergency strikes.

Define the various bags, and what should be in them

Noon Lunch – We will serve you lunch and have a sun oven demonstration for you to see, ask questions, and cook your dessert in if you so desire. On the lunch menu is thrive food because we want you to see how good dehydrated food can taste!

1 – 1:45pmWater Purification – When you can not trust the water source – how will you make sure your water is safe. The good and bad filters on the market and options you have for when you have no filter.

2-3pmWhen there is and isn’t power – what will you do? There will be hands on activities in this training class.

3:15 – 5:15Site Selection – Class teaches an evaluation process in how to logically, and methodically select a safe site. Can be used to select a bug-out location, homestead or any location that requires specific criteria

5:30 – Bring your food to grill over the fire or try out a cube stove.

After dinner we will gather around the campfire for lessons on fire starting options and then everyone will sit, relax, share, ask questions, and just enjoying the beautiful Southern Georgia night time




8amPrivate Training for anyone who has purchased the Survivalist’s Natural Remedies Kit (Make another form of field remedy)

8:30 – 9:30Lessons Learned from 18 major disaster areas.

Eve shares what they have seen firsthand in the 18 major disaster zones they have responded to; the destruction, chaos, lack of preparedness, the reality after the storm, and the response of humanity. Learn what to expect and how to avoid the same mistakes others have made. It is a fast paced, information packed class to help you avoid becoming an accidental victim – learn from others mistakes. “Please do not think you are prepared unless you truly are – but know this – in my ten years of responding, I have never met anyone in a disaster site who was.”


9:45- 10:45amBullets, Trauma, options! In this class we will look at bullets and their impact, inspecting a wound, skin stapling, and other options in a die or try situation; there will be hands on activities in this training class as each of you will learn how to skin staple and inspect a wound.


11:00 –11:45 What If – covering the What if’s that will come along – how will you respond.

LUNCH – On your own, we will have sun ovens and cube stoves set up for you to try if you like

12:451:45 The mental and emotion side of preparedness – this is a topic no one wants to talk about but your life depends on it!

2:00 – 4:45pmShelter building, security, and sanitation

5pmDinner on your own –We will be eating around the camp, come join us.

6pmmore fire starting practice around the campfire. Then everyone will sit, relax, share, questions, and again just enjoying the beautiful Southern Georgia night time.



Pack your items and meet us at the training center!

9amWe will serve you a Thrive Breakfast

 9:30– 11:30 –  panel of experts question and answer period. This will be your opportunity to ask any final questions you may have about topics we did or did not cover or to get extra hands on practice.

Training Sessions Complete – We’re glad you came!

*On Wednesday afternoon we will be at the training site to hold private scheduled appointments with anyone who wants to get guidance on any part of their game plan. Speak to Grace at the event to schedule an appointment with any of our speakers.* One consultation session per person or couple

*Products will be available for purchase throughout the 2 ½ days of the training so you can purchase and practice with teachers available to help you learn!




About The Trainers

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Eve Gonzales is CEO of Caring Hearts, Inc. and Trading Post In The Woods, Inc. Caring Hearts is a nonprofit, crisis first responder agency that has responded to 18 major disaster zones around the world. She is the creator of the first comprehensive “Survivalist’s Natural Remedies Kit”—all items she has found to be essential or desirable in a disaster or crisis event; she is also the author of a new program called “Preparations Made Simple,” which helps a person get prepared in just minutes a day and  the Author of Major Disasters-Lessons Learned. Eve teaches disaster preparedness and Natural Alternatives around the USA and has been asked to teach overseas. She is a frequent writer for preparedness magazines, blogs, frequent guest on pod casts, radio programs, and is currently filming a video series called “Living Off the Land”


(No picture available of Allan)

Allan Riggs is a US Navy Retiree with broad experience in systems development, operation and management.  He is the inventor of and holds patents for the “Silent Patrol®” Unmanned Harbor Security System – driven by Marine Batteries and Charged onboard the vessel with large GMAG Power Cells, The Greenivative® GMAG® Saltwater Powered Battery Charger, and Self Charging Batteries.  Along the way, built and packaged a collection of capabilities to make life easier when the power goes out.



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Guy Lee Snodgrass is a GIS and Emergency expert; formally trained as a geospatial analyst with 30 years’ experience. He is a writer, his readers know him as GL Skye, and speaker. He is a retired warrant officer, and has traveled the world, and met many interesting people of all nationalities. He was the Disaster Relief Chairman in Bad Kreuznach Germany for 3 years; Interacting between the American Red Cross, military, and the local government officials. His personal and professional journey has inspired him to share his knowledge with others.

His focus as a geospatial analyst is to bring a different approach and perspective to readiness tactics.


*There will be other trainers on staff as guest speakers trained in water purification, sun oven cooking, and more*

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