Our Story

Having responded to 18 major disasters around the USA and the world, we have learned first hand about the destruction, chaos, general societal lack of preparedness, the reality of life both during the physical event, and then the full range of humanity’s response “after the storm.”

We decided to open Trading Post In The Woods, Inc. due to our shared experience with far too many people whose lives were disrupted by a disastrous weather event and worsened by their lack of even basic preparations.  We’ve also seen too many “Preparedness Sites” that seem to have focused solely on moving product without appearing to have much practical experience in field conditions.  Our top priority is, and will remain, the importance of sharing our combined experience of over 27 years in disaster preparedness and primary response with our customer base.  The knowledge and real-life experience we have to share will assist you to properly prepare regardless of your present skill set.   Our goal is to ensure that our experience will help you avoid as much of the chaos and personal devastation possible which usually ensues in the aftermath of any disaster.  There will always be hardship in any disaster you face; but there are many things you can do to ease those hardships. We know and understand that many people just do not know where to begin; so, we are here to help you take your critical first steps in preparing to face future events without having to go through the trial and error method that frustrates and leads to so many giving up on the tasks that may one day save their life, or that of someone close to you.

For those of you a bit further along, our years of experience and “tricks of the trade” will supplement your knowledge, helping you to select supplies, materials, and learn new methods.  Our suggestions and training opportunities will help you to refine your preparations to better respond for yourself, your family, and your community.

At our Trading Post in the Woods, you will also find a wide variety of products we recommend because we have field-tested them in actual disaster sites and trust them.  Seeing a need for people to be able to care for themselves without access to conventional resources and believing that forward-thinking people want every possible option in their disaster relief arsenal, we have worked with homeopathic and emu oil companies to create and put together a comprehensive “Survivalist’s Natural Remedies Kit”— all items we find to be essential and desirable in a disaster or crisis event.  Our preparation guides have been developed and refined through years of firsthand observation and our personal knowledge of what is really needed after the storm, and sometimes more importantly, what is not.  Our training classes are led by skilled professionals, and represent the same information/skills we require from our own disaster response team members.  Finally, our “how-to” kits and other homesteading products are based on the rapidly disappearing skills we have learned and use in our daily lives which have direct implication to needs you will experience when you go “off the grid,” whether intentionally, or due to events beyond your control.  We have seen how very rapidly “polite and civilized society” decays after a major disaster when the comfortable amenities of life in the 21st century are abruptly taken away, and food and water become scarce.  The importance of knowing the survival skills used by our great-grandparents become more valuable than any modern “gadget.” We can help you choose your highest priority needs, and either teach these ourselves or point you towards skilled instructors in the trades/tasks you desire.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality products, preparation guides, and training courses to assist and support individuals and families who desire to get prepared.
To use our knowledge and skills to teach and empower our customers, employees, and community on how to be properly prepared for the unexpected.
To use our years of firsthand experience and knowledge to guide our customers through the preparation stages.
To focus on serving our customers and exceeding their expectations.
To encourage personal growth and provide a positive work environment.
To treat our customers and co-workers in a kind and friendly manner.
To support and enhance the quality of life in our community.
To be environmentally aware and reduce our impact on the Earth.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skills with those who truly desire to be prepared and provide
the highest quality products, preparation guides, and training courses to assist and support the individual/families who desire to get prepared

Remember – life after a disaster event does not have to be a personal disaster; but it will be unless you take the time to prepare now!