Out with the Old – In with the New!

Out with the Old – In with the New!

by Eve Gonzales

copyright 2017

all rights reserved


Every time you turn on the news you hear about something terrible happening: murders, robberies, devastating storms, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, accidents, etc. This year we have had more people contacting us and telling us they can’t watch the news any more because it is beginning to overwhelm and depress them.


Situations become overwhelming when you do not know how to handle them and when you are bombarded with one bad thing after another. Yes, many bad things happen every day but many, many wonderful things happen every day as well. The bad things usually make the news but the good – not too often – So, in the up coming year we want to take some steps to change that.


First – what you need to know about us is that we are not just a Trading Post selling items for you to prepare with, but rather, we are a group that has and still does work with a non-profit we formed to help people going through highly difficult and emotional times in their lives. We work with the sick, dying, victims of disaster, the homeless, brokenhearted, and our military serving on the front lines overseas. We have seen our fair share of death, destruction, and loss and it is one reason we established the Trading Post In The Woods – to help you. We want to help you prepare so you will not be overwhelmed when something happens; to equip you with the knowledge we have gained over all our years of serving and responding; to provide an opportunity for you to learn important, life saving skills; and to share with you products we use and trust.


As we head into the New Year – let your resolution be about preparation and preparedness. Be determined to get you and your family prepared for whatever might come your way. Choose to learn new skills and gain knowledge that will benefit everyone; get your kits put together; grow closer as a family; and help others to do the same. A family grows in strength when they work together and a community grows one family at a time – work to grow them both. Choose to make a difference and to help bring the “happy” back into our world.



We want to thank all those who have supported the Trading Post In The Woods this year; we are truly grateful. Your support of our efforts during Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the forest fires were a tremendous help to our organization. With your help we were able to impact many lives that had fallen victim to natural disasters. It also has been a delight traveling around the USA meeting many of you and teaching thousands of people how to get prepared. I also would like to thank all those we have met through our store- you all have been a blessing and a delight to work with. It is encouraging to see and meet people who want to be prepared and who are taking the steps to achieve it.



As we promised – we will not sell you items we do not use or have field tested to make sure they work. We have many new items that will be coming into our store but we have had to go through the steps to secure the rights to sell them, which in some cases is not an easy process and we appreciate your patience. We also will continue to provide these items at the lowest price possible. (Our store shelves are low right now and we have many items out of stock but that is due to all our response work but we will be restocking soon).


We will continue to provide you with some uplifting news and articles to help you in your preparations. In 2018 we will continue to attend a few select conventions but our primary focus will be on private group training and holding our own training events (A Time With Experts) where you are given more time to learn the skills we know you need to learn.



What we would like to know from you is some of the topics you would like us to cover, skills you would like training on, or products you would like us to start carrying. Email us at evem@tradingpostinthewoods.com



As we end this year we want to take an opportunity to share some of the

“Little lessons we have been taught by those we work with and for”:



*Remember each life is very important and each moment a precious gift from God, so don’t waste it!



*We can never get a single moment back nor can we change it, so use it wisely.


*Being prepared is an act of love not an act of fear


*Love as if you love with your last breathe because you never know what the next moment might hold.


*Let those you love know it, mend divisions within the families, for life is too short to let it cause separation.


*Love deeper and forgive quicker.


*As you sit around the table with those you love, remember those who are truly hurting and alone and choose to help.


*One life can make a difference


Happy New Years everyone!