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Major Disasters-Lessons Learned


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Learn about the destruction, chaos, lack of preparedness, and the reality that comes after the storm, with the response of humanity. Major Disasters: Lessons Learned is a fast paced, information packed book to help you avoid becoming an “accidental victim” by learning from the mistakes of others.

“Please do not think you are prepared unless you truly are – but know this – in my more than ten years of responding, I have never met anyone in a disaster site who was.”




Excerpt from Major Disasters-Lessons Learned:



“The journey for this book began over 12 years ago when our non-profit entered the world of disaster relief.



From the very first tsunami, then hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, mudslides, typhoons, and nuclear meltdowns, each new event taught me more about human nature, costly errors in judgement, thought processes, and consequences of the failure to be prepared whether by an individual, a county government, or a country.



In my exhaustion of seeing loss of life and disaster victims I sought a way to change the outcome of any type of disaster which could only happen if people, communities, and governments took the threats of disaster seriously and prepared…



…As a crisis first responder, I have seen thousands caught totally unprepared. They had no food, no clothes, no shelter, no plans, no money, and no idea of what they should do. I and my dedicated team do not want you to be one of those people who will be aimlessly wandering around crying for help and looking for answers from others who have not prepared either…




“Real World Experience teaches you how to prepare like no amount of speculation ever could. Eve Gonzales has seen it all, so when she speaks, people listen. This book will help you fill in the gaping holes in your preparedness plan. It will help you get ready for stuff you’d otherwise never see coming.”


“I have heard Eve Gonzales speak several times in the past two years and she knows what she is talking about…..she is very knowledgeable in all aspects of being prepared in case of an emergency whether it be a small emergency or a catastrophe…”


“… I enjoyed reading the related experiences of the author. I do appreciate the specific lists, and the real world advice. Having someone who has actually been through a number of disasters gives you a clearer picture of what you can expect and how you can prepare. If only more people listened! I especially enjoyed the realistic attitude of the author when confronted by many modern day “preppers” whose idea of a disaster is out of some fantasy novel (not that something far fetched couldn’t happen of course) that would involve them taking over a zoo (that story was quite hilarious). It’s become apparent in my online prepper research that many people are just bored and want to buy cool toys for some imaginary scenario or some far fetched catastrophe that likely will never happen (oops did I just point to the elephant in the room)? I am not arguing that people shouldn’t be prepared, quite the contrary, use this book to prepare for a real world catastrophe…”


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