Special Live Event

Special Live Event

Thursday Feb 8th at 7:30pm Eastern


An Important part of preparation!

Lights, power, batteries, options!


This year we are starting off our monthly “Special Live Event” with Eve Gonzales and Allan Riggs – two individuals who bring a lot to the table especially when talking about disaster Preparedness and Response.




Imagine this:



A devastating hurricane slams the East Coast, (oh that is right, we do not have to imagine it because it really happened to us this past year!) leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power for days-even weeks. Or maybe a tsunami takes out an entire town somewhere overseas (Yes that has happened too and we responded to 2 such separate events), leaving behind millions of people without the electricity they need to make a simple phone call, run a fan, nebulizer, or even produce light.




You need to understand that when tragedy strikes, no one is fully prepared for it. When the lights go out or the cell phone batteries begin to fade away and vanish, there’s no escaping the slow, creeping fear crawling its way up the back of your neck or your children’s. (Victims of Maria went for 4 months without electricity and batteries were sold out immediately after the storms passing. It was the #1 requested item from people stuck in the devastation).




Allan Riggs, who created the GMAG, has given the world an emergency power source that people can carry in their pocket, running on the planet’s most abundant resource. Our dedicated and experienced team of first responders tested this product out for 1 year putting it through an array of tests and now everyone has one unit to carry into the field with them during disasters and we all have units in our home emergency kits.





We know how valuable and important the GMAG is and because we believe so strongly in it and believe every home around the world should have one we are going to offer a zoom chat event where you can meet with the owner and creator Allan Riggs. Join us as we share with you  why we love the GMAG so much and why we believe everyone needs this item in their emergency kits.  Allan will explain how simple, easy, and fast it is to use along with all the other technical stuff some of you might want to know. We will also open up the floor so you can ask Allan any questions you might have about his units.




Allan is not only an incredibly smart man but he has one of the biggest and kindest hearts I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was instrumental in helping our team of responders get these units to those in need during the 3 hurricanes we responded to as well as helping us and others get missionary unit packages to missionaries all around the world. Join us for this special zoom presentation and opportunity to learn how you can help your family or others during times of disaster.



For those who join us – Allan will have a special offer just for you!!!




To learn more about the GMAG visit https://www.greenivative.com/products/


Never participated in a zoom chat event – no problem, we will walk you through the process. It begins with registering for the event by sending an email to evem@tradingpostinthewoods.com and letting us know you would like to attend the event. Then detailed steps will be sent to you. Space is limited so registration is required.

Zoom chats are simple and easy, once you do 1 you will want to do more!

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