Your Second Chance to learn about sun cooking

Your Second Chance to learn about sun cooking and take advantage of a great package offer!

If you missed last night’s workshop you can watch a recorded replay and submit any questions you have.

Last night’s The beginner’s guide to SUN OVENS Workshop focused on the very basics of how to make the best use of the sun for cooking dehydrating and much more. We all covered a lot information you really need to know.

The replay of this workshop will be available to watch on demand though Midnight Monday June 11.

This is what we learned:

How a SUN OVEN works.
Winter Cooking tips.
What you can cook, what kind of pots & pans work best.
Why food cooked with the sun does not burn.
How much sunlight you need.
How to sun-bake a perfect loaf of bread.
Why a SUN OVEN is the most energy-efficient way to rehydrate your freeze-dried emergency preparedness foods.
How to use a SUN OVEN as a solar dryer or dehydrator.
The difference between boiling and pasteurizing drinking water.
How to cook your dinner in the sun while you are at work.
How to hard boil freshly laid eggs which are easy to peel.
Ways to use a SUN OVEN that have nothing to do with cooking.
The economic, health, and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.
How to quickly pay for a SUN OVEN by reducing your utility bills.
Be better prepared for emergencies.

Watch Now!

 You’ll be glad you did

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